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In the heart of a labyrinth of maize, located in the Périgord noir between Carsac and Domme (Turnac), young and old are invited to meet the last hermit who is still and still resisting the modern world! Charades and Riddles punctuate the course. Those who show spirit will be allowed to join civilization, the others will be lost forever!

Every year, a new course and new charades await you!
Open every day from June to September
10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Adult: €8
Children under 1.20 meters: 6 € 50
Inside the Labyrinth: Free animations (inflatable castles etc.) and possibility of drinks, ices and waffles.
Accessible by Stroller
The Labyrinth is located in Turnac, 24250 DOMME, between Pertrac and Carsac.